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Located in the Andes Mountain Range

Andesite Stones

Our Andesite is a volcanic rock. It is porphyritic, consists of coarse crystals (phenocrysts) embedded in a granular or glassy matrix (groundmass). Having a silica content of  57% . Our Andesite is extracted from the large volcanic mountain range of  South America,  the Andes (Andesite is named after the Andes). Indeed, andesite is common in all the mountain-building zones that rim the Pacific Ocean.
The primary ingredient  is andesine, a feldspar of the plagioclase series. Smaller amounts of quartz or minerals with iron and magnesium such as olivine, pyroxene, biotite, hornblende are  present. Our  Andesite is a results from the melting and assimilation of rock fragments by magma rising to the surface.
COLOR: Their color is white  which is considered light for its  little iron and magnesium (mafic minerals). Andesite white stone slates

Physical Properties

Mineral Properties

These physical properties make White Stone Pavers the most popular choice for all external paving needs around the home and all types of garden surroundings. They are also most commonly used as side walks in recreational parks, pathways outside shopping centers and even pedestrian crossings, just to name a few. Stone pavers can add beauty and enhance the surrounding of your home and landscaped gardens. Andesite stone slatesThere is a wide selection of charming shapes and patterns for you to choose from:

The benefits of using stone pavers are they are versatile and durable. They can be applied on existing concrete, as long as the concreted area is relatively flat and no cracks appear. Sand base and road base is another alternative to use when applying pavers to commence your project. Another added benefit of stone pavers is they are long lasting, hard wearing and weather resistant. This is a very important factor, especially when pavers are being placed in high traffic areas such as driveways, walkways and pool area. There are special sealants you can apply to stone pavers after installation which will further help and protect the color and will have a longer lasting affect to the pavers where high traffic exists.