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Outlet Season Stones


Outlet Season stones Production Silos Large blocks are cut using water-sprayed heavy duty saws. These saws run at very high speed and water prevents overheating. Their diamond teeth cut through large blocks of andesite stone, leaving more manageable slabs.

Then those those slabs are ready for the two different finishes we normally perform.

standard polish andesite slab




This is the standard factory finish. Polishers are used to make the surface of the stone smooth. An abrasive material is attached with the rotating pads of the polisher. The surface of the material varies according to purpose. The smoothness of the polishing increases with the fineness of the abrasive material.

Bush hammeredAndesite stone slates

Another textured finish. This is best for external use. A bush hammer is worked by a large electric machine, but the basic functional property of the tool is always the same - a grid of conical or pyramidal points at the end of a large metal slug. The repeated impact of these points into the stone  creates a rough, pockmarked texture that resembles naturally weathered rock.