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Outlet Season Stones Division manufactures unique white Andesite and grey Andesite stones, from the Andean region.

Outlet Season white and grey andesite slates for construction (paving, decking, pools, decoration, commercial), fireplaces, stone tables with glass top, sculptures, and andesite stones for decoration, are among our lines of products.

Essentially, Stone pavers are found already existing in Earth and have been formed by natural forces during millions of years. Stone pavers are obtained either by being mined at a natural stone deposit, called a quarry, or collected from a rock outcrop.

History & Quarry Location

The Inca Empire in South America was one of the Western Hemisphere's greatest, richest and most advanced civilizations before the coming of the Spaniards in the 1400's. Extending throughout much of the western part of South America, the Incas -- so named after the emperor of the land, the Inca -- were a highly developed empire with science, art, transportation and cities impressive in what they offered for the time.
High in the Andes Mountain range, the Incas discovered deposits of rich stone -- the most exclusive of all composites -- and would mine by hand chunks of the stone for use in jewelry, art, religious artifacts and for the royal court.
One of these deposits was discovered late last century, based on these historic findings, a small, exclusive production of Andesite was started by Andean craftsmen interested in sharing the beauty of what the Incas found so attractive with the modern world at large.

(The Quarry)
Andesite Quarry



  White Andesite Slates

White Andesite StoneSlates


Unique color and texture plus anti-slippery surface, are the main features of these stones slates.

White andesite is very rare, and our slates have a bright color.



  Our Unique Andesite White Stones

Andesite Stones

Our Andesite is a volcanic rock. It is porphyritic, consists of coarse crystals (phenocrysts) embedded in a granular or glassy matrix (groundmass). Having a silica content of  57% . Our Andesite is extracted from the large volcanic mountain range of  South America,  the Andes (Andesite is named after the Andes). Indeed, Andesite is common in all the mountain-building zones that rim the Pacific Ocean.
The primary ingredient  is andesine, a feldspar of the plagioclase series. Smaller amounts of quartz or minerals with iron and magnesium such as olivine, pyroxene, biotite, hornblende are  present. Our Andesite, results from the melting and assimilation of rock fragments by magma rising to the surface.
COLOR: Their color is white  which is considered light for its  little iron and magnesium (mafic minerals).