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International Shipping

Our guide to International Customers

We have two ways to ship your goods internationally.

One is by using the table below that shows the different charges, depending on the destination. Please note the charges are for single items, if an additional item is part of the order, then there will be an increase, but it will be just an additional, so contact us for an exact quote, countries that charge a VAT, have the benefit of not charging any additional custom fees, but the VAT works like this, for instance if the VAT for the UK that is $8(US Dollars not £), then the next item will also pay $8 and each additional has the same VAT added. 

UK $14.95 + $8 VAT

Canada $13.95 VAT $2.00

Brazil $18.95

Mexico $18.95 VAT $0.00

Albania 18.95

American Samoa $18.95

Antigua & Barbuda $18.95

Australia $18.95

Austria $18.95 VAT $8.00

Bahamas $18.95

Bahrain $18.95

Barbados $98 allows up to 16 items

Belgium $18.95 VAT $8.00

Bermuda $18.95

Bolivia $18.95

Bulgaria $18.95

Cameroon $18.95

Cayman Islands $18.95

Colombia $18.95 VAT $4.00

Costa Rica $18.95

Cote D'ivoire $18.95

Croatia $18.95

Czech Republic $18.95 VAT $8.00

Denmark $18.95

Dominican Republic $18.95

Ethiopia $18.95

Finland $18.95

France $14.95 VAT $8.00

Germany $18.95 VAT $8.00

Greece $18.95 VAT $8.00

Grenada $18.95

Hong Kong $18.95

Hungary $18.95 VAT $8.00

Iceland $18.95

India $18.95

Iraq $18.95

Ireland $18.95 VAT $8.00

Israel $18.95

Italy $14.95 VAT $8.00

Jamaica $18.95

Japan $18.95

South Korea $96

Kuwait $18.95

Latvia $18.95 VAT $8.00

Lebanon $18.95

Liechtenstein $14.95

Lithuania $18.95

Luxembourg $18.95 VAT $8.00

Malaysia $18.95

Malta $18.95

Martinique $18.95

Monaco $14.95

Morocco $18.95

Netherlands $18.95 VAT $8.00

New Zealand $18.95

Nigeria $18.95

Norway $18.95

Oceana $14.95

Oman $18.95

Pakistan $18.95

Panama $18.95

Philippines $18.95

Poland $18.95 VAT $8.00

Portugal $14.95 VAT $8.00

Russia $18.95

Saint Lucia $18.95

San Marino $18.95

Saudi Arabia $18.95 VAT $2.00

Serbia $14.95

Singapore $18.95

Slovakia $18.95

Slovenia $18.95 VAT $8.00

Spain $14.95 VAT $8.00

St. Maarten $18.95

Saint Martin $14.95

Sweden $18.95 VAT $8.00

Switzerland $14.95

Taiwan $18.95

Thailand $18.95

Togo $18.95

Ukraine $18.95

United Arab Emirates $18.95

Vietnam $18.95

Virgin Islands $11.95

The other option we have that's for everyone who's country is not listed above, or as an additional option for the ones who are listed, but prefer another method. Is by using MyUS, and creating an account with them on checkout.

Click on the logo below, in the checkout page, to sign up for a MyUS account, and receive your very own MyUS address to use at checkout. Register today and get FREE setup on a Basic or Premium membership. 



Outlet Season Scentia  has partnered with to offer convenient International Shipping. membership offers deeply discounted international shipping rates to more than 225 countries. They will provide you with a US street address, receive packages on your behalf, and then ship your order overseas. also helps prepare customs paperwork for your shipments.



  1. Choose your subscription, create your account and receive your own US address.
  2. Use your US address provided by when placing your order with us.
  3. Once we ship your order, will manage the mail forwarding process to you.

Please note that some items cannot be shipped to international addresses and are not eligible for's services. These restrictions include such items as pressurized cans (e.g. aerosol cans), and hazardous materials (e.g. nail polish). Additional restrictions may apply to your destination; the website has a complete list of prohibited items for different countries.

Outlet Season Scentia reserves the right to cancel any order, without prior notification to the customer. Obtaining a MyUS membership does not bypass this company policy. If you would like clarification on whether your order is considered “reselling”, please contact our Customer Service Department

For all Customer Service inquires, order placement information, and orders click here.

If you choose to use MyUS to forward your order outside of the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii, then we consider their U.S. address to be the destination for your order. Once our order safely reaches warehouses in the USA, they take responsibility for loss or damage to your order when shipping it internationally. We recommend that you review their insurance options for international shipments before you place your order.