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Laminatino Doors NewsThe Laminatino Interior Doors line represents an entirely new concept in the remodeling and construction markets. These doors accurately mimic natural horizontal and vertical grain found in natural wooden doors with a great resistance to scratches, but don't require finish.

A new system that will create a revolution in the doors market.

New interior doors with a grain design so real you won't be able to distinguish it from real wood. Finishes are not required.

There are two Laminatino door styles, traditional and contemporary panels, with two different grain types, Ceddar and Mara.
We also offer frames, pilasters and canopies, matching door styles and with different designs with embossed panels and several wood sticks options.

Laminatino doors are composed of finger joint pine racks with HDF/MDF plaques to the sides. Laminatino doors can be stuffed with acoustic type or firewall type fills.

Laminatino doors are resistant to marks and scratches. Laminatino doors can be available pre-hanged and with a one year warranty.


Laminatino Capri I Laminatino Capri I: Half Body Laminatino Capri I: IG Glass Laminatino Monserrat