Firewall F-30 and F60

Firewall Valdes

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Model: F-30 and F-60 Firewall Doors
Thickness: F-30 45 mm and F-60 50 mm 


  • Finger Jointed Export Quality plated racks, humidity 10% to 12%  

  • Stuffed with solid MDF. agglomerate or sheetrock RF.

  • Lock Reinforcement attached to the vertical leaf of the door 40cm in length, properly marked, allow the installation of any type of conventional lock.


Plates or faces are made of  MDF panels, premolded plates, plated mdf, with or without moldings.

Adhesives: P.V.A. binder, complaint with F.D.A D4 grade for interior and exterior resistance.


One Year





Detailed View: Valdes Firewall Doors