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Firewall F-30 and F-60

Firewall DoorsFirewall Doors, are highly specialized and complaint with fire security measures for buildings.
These unique F-30 and F-60 doors, incorporate all the global expertise in high-tech products. Steel core exterior doors are created to consistently resist rust and corrosion. These low-maintenance doors are available with optional steel edges for greater security. Every collection includes door designs with matching sidelights for added visual appeal.

F30 firewall doors F-60 Firewall Doors




F-30 Firewall doors profile            F-60 Firewall doors profile

Only first quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the F-30 and F-60 Firewall doors, plated and binded to HDF/MDF wood panels using finger joint, stuffed with special sheetrock fills, MDF, premolded plates, plain MDF plates, raute, plated in natural wood and overlapping moldings. The F-30 and F-60 Firewall doors are specialized products intended for hermeticity and security. Door, frames, locks and some accessories such as intumescent tape and hinges, along with a fire rating certificate are included.

F-30 schematicsF-60 schematics

Plated frames binded using finger joints, painted and when used in Firewall F-30 and Firewall F-60 doors edge covers are required in order to match the door's color.

Firewall Profilefirewall doors technicianFirewall Doors profile closer view

Firewall doors F-30 and Firewall doors F-60 have the same warranty as the other producs, plus the fire rating certificate. Firewall F-30 and Firewall F-60 are intended for interiors thus they are sensible to dramatic temperature changes.

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