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Laminatino Capri I

Laminatino Doors NewsThe Laminatino Interior Doors line represents an entirely new concept in the remodeling and construction markets. These doors accurately mimic natural horizontal and vertical grain found in natural wooden doors, but don't require finish.

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Barcelona Steel Exterior Doors

Barcelona Steel Doors News The Barcelona line of steel doors feature high resistance to harsh climate conditions, and deliver at the same time, a sense of security and a great level of isolation. There is nothing better than steel doors, and the Barcelona line adds style and design to extreme durability.

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  Firewall F-30 and F-60

Featured Firewall Doors F-30 and F-60In our constant search for new products and innovative technologies we developed the F-30 and F-60 Firewall doors. These unique F-30 and F-60 doors, incorporate all the global expertise in high-tech products. Steel exterior doors are created to consistently resist rust and corrosion. These low-maintenance doors are available with optional steel edges for greater security. Every collection includes door designs with matching sidelights for added visual appeal.



LAMINATINO:A new system that will create a revolution in the doors market.

New interior doors with a grain design so real you won't be able to distinguish it from real wood. Finishes are not required.


Metal Doors: Design, style and durability in our new steel doors.

Larger style variety in exterior steel doors now available.


PVC Doors: A promising technology

A long time favorite, among constructors, Capri line doors will soon have the latest options, which allows to show solid's wood natural beauty.