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Outlet Season Milk Powder and Dairies


Outlet Season Dairies Production SilosOutlet Season Dairies offers Golden Dairy product line, established in 1993 as a dairy company, Golden Dairy is situated in South-West Denmark. Since 1993 Golden Dairy have delivered high quality products to all parts of the world. Our team of high skilled workers and reliable supplies ensures you the best service. We are able to deliver a wide range of dairy products, from milk powder products, whole milk powder, skim milk powder and premium line to evaporated milk, Whey products and different kinds of cheese.

High quality Creamery

Barcelona Steel Doors News The creamery produces both whole and skim milk powder, and other dairies.

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Evaporated Milk in 170g. and 410g. packages

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Sweet Condensed Milk in 170g., 390g. and 1000g. packages

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Whey Powder

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  Golden Dairy Brand Name

Golden Dairy High Quality Dairy products


The Golden Dairy brand was born to give our high quality products a seal of quality.

After many years of bulk selling we are now using Golden Dairy brand to identify all our lines. A new logo, package and design was used in order to give it a new identity.



  Golden Dairy brand launches after many years of bulk packages

After many years of packing in bulk now the products will have their distinctive package. A new logo, package and design have been created to give the Golden Dairy brand of products its true identity.